Sunday, July 17, 2011

What we did this weekend...

We've been a busy little clan!
Friday, July 15th, we went back to the library, this time for a cool (and free) science presentation by staff from the Orlando Science Center.  The kids helped to make a baking soda volcano and test their play-doh-and-popsicle-stick structures on a table that simulates earthquakes - all very cool. 

Saturday, July 16th, we all went to the local roller skating rink for a Cub Scout event (our son is entering his 3rd year of scouting).  It really brought back memories of the skating rink I went to in middle school!  I was a nervous wreck to see my kids on skates for the first time but, in a half hour or so, they were both doing pretty darn well.  The rink offers cheap beginner's lessons on Saturday mornings and discount skate times on some weekdays so we plan to go back when it's not crowded to let the kids get in some practice. 

Sunday, July 17th, we chilled out at home, watched the free dvd's we checked out from the library, and ate some Breyer's Rocky Road to celebrate National Ice Cream Day! 

Planning for another fun filled week coming up to include Vacation Bible School at our church, maybe some more free bowling, and probably invading a friend's pool - three activities that are always Family Approved!

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