Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Public Library

Public libraries offer cool programs and lots of great activities... or so I have been told.  Okay, confession time - to my embarrassment (hanging my head), we really haven't visited our llibrary - until now!

I went on our library's website and looked into programs at the 2 branches nearest our home.  They offer different programs on different days, so I chose some I thought my kids would enjoy and marked my calendar.

Today was fire safety day. Firefighter Greene, put on all his equipment in front of the kids, did Q&A, and then invited everyone outside to see the truck.  It was really fun.

Then, the very helpful Miss Wendy, let us know what we can check out and how long we can keep things.  Each kid picked 6 books to take home.  We also chose 3 family dvds (2 classics and the new Yogi Bear movie) and picked up fliers for upcoming events.

We also learned that our library system allows you to order books and dvds online.  So when a new title is being released, you can have it mailed right to your home.

All in all, totally worth it - free library cards, free dvds and books, and cool kids' programs in air conditioning - we highly recommend checking out what is going on at your local branch. Family Approved!

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