Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Well, that's an hour of our lives we'll never get back!"

Ugh - we hate that! There's nothing worse than feeling like we've wasted our time.  Family time is so precious.  This is why I've decided to start blogging our experiences to hopefully save you some of your family's time - not to mention money and energy - while still having fun!

I would say we are a pretty average family of 4: a Dad, a Mom, a boy (almost 8), and a girl (5 going on 15).  We live in the Central Florida area and we like to do lots of stuff and try new things.  And I really like to make the most of our time and money! 

I am going to give you our true opinions on everything from airshows to zoos and everything in-between:  places to eat, crafts to try, date nights, kids' camps, shops, books, products, etc. and let you know what we think!



  1. This is a GREAT idea Amanda!
    Too many times I have taken the kids somewhere only to wish that someone (ANYONE) had given me a head's up about the place or event.
    Just the same, there are many hidden treasures out there just waiting to be discovered and tried!

  2. Thanks, Tracey! and we are always open to suggestions!