Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hey Ya'll!  Can I just tell you how much I like MovieStop?

I decided we needed some dvd's that we hadn't seen before that would keep our kids' attention for the 12 hour road trip to North Carolina.  The kids chose several dvd's that they don't watch or had outgrown.  We took the 6 or so we agreed upon down to the local MovieStop.

Easy-peasy!  Walk in, give them to the clerk at the desk, then shop around for new-to-us dvd's.  The clerk then calls us over and lets us know how much our trade-ins are worth in dollars.  We can then decide to take the cash or get dvd's.  I let the kids each choose a movie (mommy has veto power, of course!) and I chose one.  (TIP: have a list that you'd like to get but have an open mind when you go.)

RIGHT NOW they are running a special Trade-In Event!  They will up the value of all of your trade-ins by 50%! 

All in all - it was totally worth our time and a thrifty way to get new movies to watch!  Family Approved!

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